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A Handful of BIM Tools Updated for Revit 2017 You Should Know About
This month we’ve been looking at BIM tools for Revit users and here are some solutions you should know about that have been updated for Revit 2017. From utilities to add-ons and plug-ins, however you want to label them these are some handy tools worth having a look at.

CGS plus is an Autodesk Authorized Developer, founded in 1990, who makes Revit tools, in addition to a number of in-house civil solutions.

Revit users should check out their BIM Manager software, which is part of the CGS Revit Tools 2017 product line. The toolset includes BIM Query, one of the company’s bestselling tools, in addition to importing and exporting families, managing materials, views and sheets.

BIM Query has been updated for Revit 2017 and enables users to edit Type and Instance properties for categories. Plus, it has a built-in spreadsheet editor where users can save and open in MS Excel and then apply the changes back to the Revit model.

Particular enhancements in BIM Query include the ability to manage present queries, display and edit Revit schedules from within BIM Query. In addition the tool can move selected columns, create new instances of non-system families; and there is a new tool to open the Find Dialog box in Revit.

CGS plus, also has many tools for aiding Revit users with tasks like analysis and, annotating, along with new tools to manage reinforcements and model checking and quality assurance.

See the complete list at Contact the company for pricing.

Another company you should check out is RTV Tools, a group of Autodesk Revit users based in New Zealand whose mission is to automate BIM and enhance the productivity of Revit users. RTV Tools started up in 2007 and is part of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). Their pricing options start as low as $9.99, and they’ve got tools for exporting, printing, documenting, scheduling, organizing and more.

One of their featured plug-ins is the RTV Xporter PRO, which enables simultaneous printing and file exporting, unattended scheduled tasks and batch processing. Users can also create Revit files from 2D drafting views, and take advantage of features such as automatic export and uploading to FTP sites.

In addition RTV Xporter Pro enables the following:

- Create, save and execute batch and scheduled tasks for exporting and printing from Revit project files

- tasks can be automatically run as a single Batch process or on a repeating schedule

- Automatic creation of PDFs, DWG, DWF, DWFx, DXF, DGN, NWC and IFC files from Revit drawing sheets and views

- Built-in parametric file naming engine saves exported files automatically and matches file naming conventions

- Batch print large format and reduced hardcopies to separate printers simultaneously

Specific updates for Revit 2017 include an improved automatic Revit Sheet Revisioning interface, an improved Aconex batch upload interface, Document Issue and a Transmittal tracking and reporting interface

RTV Xporter PRO plug-in starts as low as $49.00 and runs up to $9, 995. It’s available for Revit versions 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017.

Visit to learn more or catch them at RTC North America.
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Published 2016-06-27 00:00:00